Spine: The spine of a book is the binding edge that holds the pages together and runs vertically down the center of the book. The spine is typically where the book’s title and author are displayed.

Bleed: Bleed refers to the area of an image or design element that extends beyond the trim area of the book’s pages. This allows for a more professional look and eliminates white borders that can occur during the printing process.

Trim: Trim refers to the final size of a book after it has been printed and cut down to its final size.

Margin: The margin is the area around the edges of a book’s pages that is left blank. It serves as a border and helps to ensure that the text is readable and the design is visually appealing.

Gutter: The gutter is the inner margin between two facing pages. It is wider than the outer margins to account for the binding of the book and to prevent text from getting lost in the binding.

Footer: A footer is text or design element that appears at the bottom of each page.

Header: A header is text or design element that appears at the top of each page.

Folio: A folio is a page number or page count in a book.

Typeface: A typeface is a specific design of letters and numbers used to create written text.

Point Size: Point size refers to the size of the typeface in a book, usually measured in points. One point is approximately 0.352778 mm or 1/72 inch.

Leading: Leading refers to the vertical space between lines of text in a book. It is usually measured in points and helps to make the text more readable.

Kerning: Kerning refers to the space between individual characters in a typeface. Proper kerning ensures that the text looks visually balanced and professional.

Front matter: The introductory sections of a book, including the title page, copyright information, and table of contents.

Back matter: The concluding sections of a book, including the appendix, bibliography, and index.

Dust jacket: The removable cover that is placed over the hardcover of a book.

Orphan: A short line of text at the end of a paragraph that appears at the top of a page, leaving a large amount of white space below it.

Widow: A short line of text at the beginning of a paragraph that appears at the bottom of a page.

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