Web design

The web design packages on offer here range from Basic to Advanced. Basic does not include E-commerce, while Medium and Advanced do include E-commerce. The websites are created with Divi in WordPress. SEO and Google Analytics are strongly recommended so that the site can be found online and customer demographics can be tracked and incorporated in improved SEO.
A brand’s visual identity must be defined first so that the website becomes an extension of the brand identity. If the brand identity has not been defined yet, then we will need to cover that first. Please see examples below.

Web Design Costs
Web Design Process with the Client
  1. The Client expresses his or her interest through the Enquiries page on this website.
  2. Riaan sends a Brand Design Questionnaire which the Client complete and submit.
  3. Riaan sends a Web Design Quote Questionnaire which the Client complete and submit.
  4. Riaan asks questions based on the enquiry and the questionnaires and sends a quote for approval.
  5. On approval of the quote, Riaan sends an invoice on the deposit.
  6. Once the deposit has been paid Riaan starts by working on the wireframing and look and feel
  7. A mood board is presented to the client and a look and feel are decided upon.
  8. Based on the look and feel Riaan develops a number of directions the brand can take.
  9. The concepts are presented to the Client.
  10. The Client decides on a design concept and makes design requests.
  11. Riaan discusses and integrates the requests and sends the design concept back to the Client.
  12. The Client and Riaan go through a reasonable number of steps to refine the site’s identity.
  13. Once the identity has been finalised the wireframing is completed and presented to the Client
  14. The Client and Riaan go through a reasonable number of steps to refine the web site’s wireframe.
  15. Once the wireframing is finalised the static design is completed and presented to the Client.
  16. The Client and Riaan go through a reasonable number of iterative steps to refine the web site’s static design of all the pages.
  17. Once the static designs for all the pages are finalised, the website is designed online and presented to the Client.
  18. The Client and Riaan go through a reasonable number of steps to finalise the website online.
  19. Riaan sends the invoice for the remaining amount.
  20. Riaan hands over the files as well as the website.
  21. The Client makes contact once he or she needs changes or maintenance done. 
Web Design Process, the Designer’s tasks
  1. Does the Client have an existing domain? Are the FTP/Cpanel login details available?
  2. Does the Client need Hosting?
  3. Purchase or park domain if necessary.
  4. Client to provide a business plan or fill a questionnaire.
  5. Create email addresses.
  6. For Ecommerce websites, the Client needs to subscribe to Payfast and provide merchant ID, merchant key, and passphrase to add to Woocommerce.
  7. Site ‘under maintenance’ homepage design and upload.
  8. CMS installation.
    1. Install WordPress.
    2. Install theme.
  9. Website redesign.
    1. Mood board
    2. Layout sketches
    3. Look and feel options
    4. Wireframing
    5. Static design
  10. Banners design.
  11. Icons creation.
  12. Content upload.
  13. Permalink structure set to post name.
  14. Pages creation.
    1. Main menu pages
    2. Terms and conditions page
    3. Return and refund policy page
    4. Privacy (Cookie) policy page
    5. FAQ page
    6. Blog page
  15. Pages layout implement.
  16. Menu creation.
  17. Footer menu creation.
  18. Social media links and icons embed.
  19. Search widget.
  20. Google analytics and tracking code.
  21. Contact form plugin install.
  22. Really Simple SSL plugin install (secure connection).
  23. Yoast SEO.
  24. Updraft site backup plugin install.
  25. Akismet anti-spam plugin install.
  26. Allow site crawling (robots.txt).
  27. Troubleshoot errors + inconsistencies.
  28. Ecommerce integration.
    1. WooCommerce plugin install, setup
    2. Did the client subscribe to Payfast? Insert merchant ID
    3. Payfast plugin install, setup
    4. Shipping zones? (which provinces, countries ship to)
    5. Shipping costs? (per province, country)
    6. Add products (pricing, categories, descriptions, meta tags, alt tags, keywords)
    7. Products availability; qty include? (show availability?)
    8. Payfast/Stripe/Paypal/Direct transfer/other
  29. Jetpack plugin (security).
  30. Add and enable breadcrumbs.
  31. Add social media share widget and share icons.
  32. Cookie popup.
  33. Cookie Policy.
  34. Privacy Policy.
  35. Terms and Conditions.
  36. Cross-device compatibility testing.
  37. Cross-browser compatibility testing.
  38. Making sure the website is consistent with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), Electronic Communications Act (ECTA) and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) of South Africa.
  39. Build and submit a sitemap to Google.
  40. Google site indexing with Google Search Console.
  41. Training session with Client to do maintenance.
  42. Site handover.
  43. Google Analytics Reports send every month.
  44. Maintenance at Client’s request or on retainer.
  45. Yearly domain renewal.