Advertising Design

R iaan works within the parameters of a given brand’s visual identity or corporate identity style guide to create the required advertising material.

Above The Line

Below The Line

Advertising Design Process
  1. The Client makes an enquiry through the Enquiries page on this website stipulating which service he or she is interested in.
  2. Riaan requests the style guide or previous advertisements done within the brand’s visual identity.
  3. Riaan also requests a brief and project scope.
  4. Riaan prepares a quote and sends for approval.
  5. On approval of the quote, Riaan sends an invoice on a 50% deposit for first-time Clients.
  6. Once the deposit has been paid Riaan creates concept designs.
  7. Riaan sends the concept designs for approval.
  8. The Client makes design requests.
  9. Riaan and the Client go through a reasonable number of iterative steps until the advertising material is finalised.
  10. Riaan sends an invoice for the remaining amount.
  11. Once the final amount has been paid Riaan sends the final design as well as open files.