Book Cover Design

When it comes to book cover design, Riaan makes sure to harmonise book cover and interior. Robert Bringhurst put it so succinctly in The Elements of Typographic Style: ‘discover the outer logic of the typography in the inner logic of the text’ he wrote. Riaan follows this approach not only for typography, but, book design as a whole, resulting in a book with consistent style from the cover to interior, all of which is based on the ‘inner logic of the text’. Riaan’s approach is the same for academia, trade, or self-publishing and employs this formula within the parameters of the publisher, author or series’ visual identity and house style. 

Academic Book Cover Design

building blocks toward an african century
State of the nation ethic politics inequality
society research power hsrc

Trade Book Cover Design

bloedsuier leon van nierop
if were really quiet
indigo scarf

Self-publishing Book Cover Design

cape town to kilimanjaro
blame me on apartheid
the sisal baron
Self-publishing Book Cover Design Costs
Self-publishing Book Cover Design Process
  1. The author sends an enquiry through the Enquiries page on this website stipulating the cover category he or she is interested in.
  2. In response to the enquiry, Riaan asks a number of questions about the manuscript through email. Riaan also requests the completion of a literature analysis form; fiction, non-fiction, wherein he asks more in-depth predetermined questions.
  3. Riaan sends a quote for approval.
  4. On approval, Riaan sends the invoice for a 50% deposit.
  5. Riaan requests the manuscript or a chapter so he can get a feel for and better understanding of the material.
  6. Once the deposit has been paid Riaan starts by acquainting himself with the material and while doing so creates approximately five thumbnail sketches of potential front covers and sends this to the author.
  7. The author makes a selection of 1 to 3 front cover options and makes a few design requests.
  8. Riaan creates a draft design for each cover option and presents this to the author.
  9. The author makes a final selection and makes design requests. Riaan reworks the draft design up to final cover design and presents this to the author.
  10. Riaan and the author refine the final cover design until the author is satisfied.
  11. Riaan sends the invoice for the remaining amount and receives the final payment.
  12. Riaan sends the final files to the author.
  13. After the manuscript has been typeset the cover spine can be calculated using the page count as well as paper type.
  14. Riaan adjusts the spine and resends the final cover. This cost is included in the cover design fee.