Brand Design

I n Riaan’s brand design approach he works with a Client to find or create the interiority of the brand sphere. All visual communication serves as signifiers to the inside of the brand sphere. The interiority or emotional substance of a brand in this design approach can be discovered by means of the unique value proposition, the brand promise, or any other qualitative and quantitative criteria of a given brand; all of which are covered by the brand design questionnaire.

Brand design elements can consist of brand name design, logo design, business card design, letterhead design, and/or email signature design.

Personal and New Venture Brand Design

Brand Design Process 
  1. The Client express interest in certain brand identity elements through the Enquiries page on this website.
  2. Riaan sends a Brand Design Questionnaire which the Client potentially complete and submit.
  3. Riaan asks questions based on the questionnaire and sends a quote for approval.
  4. On approval of the quote, Riaan sends an invoice on the deposit.
  5. Once the deposit has been paid Riaan starts by working on a mood board, typography exploration, form language ideation, symbolism research, concept sketches and concept designs.
  6. The concepts are presented to the Client and a look and feel are decided upon.
  7. Based on the selected look and feel Riaan develops a few variations.
  8. The concepts are presented to the Client.
  9. The Client decides on a design concept and gives design recommendations.
  10. Riaan discusses and potentially integrate the design recommendations and sends the design back to the Client.
  11. The Client and Riaan go through a reasonable number of iterative steps to refine the brand identity until the brand visual identity material is finalised.
  12. Riaan sends the invoice for the remaining amount.
  13. Riaan hands over the final design(s).