Book Design


Project Title

Voices of Liberation Series

Brief Overview or Introduction

Summary: The VoL Series focus on African liberation leaders, published by HSRC Press.

Project goals: Design a series identity for VoL.

  • Make use of provided images of liberation leaders
  • Present three different series identities
  • Include a title page and part dividers for each series

Client: HSRC Press




Process & Development:

Research: The initial phase involved examining the previous series identity, researching the target market, studying the brief, compiling a moodboard and deciding upon a look and feel for the series.

Conceptualisation: The initial concepts was very rough and explored various options.



Final Solution/Design: 

Tools & Technologies Used: An array of tools from physical to digital, including paper notebooks, pencils, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more.

Results & Impact: 

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Challenges & Learnings: 

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