An absolutist or totalistic ideology creates a division between those who adopt the ideology and those who don't: an 'us and them' division. This sketch illustrates that division where the inside of a light pyramid consists of those who are 'in the know'; the so-called enlightened ones, or those who are privileged or acknowledged, while all outside of the pyramid is 'othered', less worthy and detestable. It should be clear that the criticism here is made of any absolutist or totalistic attitude toward an ideology that places doctrine over a person; where the value of a person is determined by the ideology he or she ascribes to, for me that is inhumane and fundamentalist. The irony in this case as illustrated is that the area inside the pyramid is completely dry, while the outside is lush and fertile; similar to the othering of nature in anthropocentrism, with the exclusive preference given to the light of knowledge inside the pyramid.

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Dimensions 46 × 0.5 × 18 cm